Reserva / Reservations


Reservation Policies | Políticas de Reservaciones

Kids 12 years+ are welcome

Los niños son bienvenidos a partir de los 12 años de edad

We are sorry, but we don't have access for disabled

Nos es imposible poder dar acceso a personas sin la capacidad de moverse de la panga al muelle por sí solas. El mar suele mover la panga y es inestable para subir a personas con ciertas condiciones físicas

Our largest table is for a group of 12 people. For special requests or events, please contact us

Nuestra mesa más grande tiene una capacidad para 12 personas. Para mayor información, solicitudes especiales y eventos, por favor contáctanos

Watch the weather

On occasion we can get huge waves due to inclement weather. If that occurs we will not be able to open.  Please check facebook or Instagram BEFORE you head to restaurant to make sure the waves are cooperating,


Why do we charge for cancellations?

There is a reason we charge for cancellations or no shows.  We are a tiny special restaurant with a waiting list. The cancellation or no show fees reflects the cost of food, drink and staffing incureed by lost revenue fromthe empty table.  Please make sure you consider this.

El costo es de $20 dólares americanos por persona si cancelas tu reservación con menos de una semana de anticipación

NO SHOW FEE $20 USD per person

We are sorry but due to the small size of our venue any no shows or cancellations will be subject to a $20 per person non-refundable charge. El costo por no presentarse a tu reservación es de $20 dólares americanos por persona

Panga ride roundtrip $100 MXN p/p. If hiking, panga taxi ride back free of charge

Comunícate con nosotros | Contact us

Information | Informes: Tel. celular: +52 322-111-0157 (Solo What's App texto)


Ocean Grill

Boca de Tomatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

+52 322-111-0157 PLEASE NOTE that due to our location, we do not have internet or phone service in the restaurant. It may be difficult to reach us.


Martes a Domingo: 11:00am - 5:00pm

Lunes: Descansamos


Tuesday to Sunday: 3 sitting times: 11:00am, 1:00 and 3:00pm. We close at 5:00pm

Monday: Closed